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Who's Designmeister?

Indubitably designmeister is Joanne Meister. With a formal degree in design and twenty years of design experience, I am dedicated to quality design, typographically exhilarated, and an incurable fanatic for quantitative illustration. Learn more about me in the About section.

I solve problems; strategically and visually. I begin with a brand strategy, and transform your brand values into visual form; distinguishing your company's products and services in the marketplace.

I am a thinker, known for providing and delivering beyond the expected. designmeister is a full-service design studio with clean oversight from start to finish. You get all the offerings of a big agency, without the added costs that come with a big agency.

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Design Talkmost recent post: 08.12.2013

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Benefits of Establishing Budgets

08.12.2013Don’t count a project out because you think you can’t afford it. Budget restrictions can force inventive solutions — solutions even better than their ‘fancy’ counterparts.

Workflow for Website Development

07.03.2013Creation of a successful website lies in having a strategic plan. Part of the workflow strategy includes focusing on the end-user and realistic short terms goals.

Word Up!

03.28.2013The Power of a Name: Just one element of your brand, but it can serve as a significant player in the development and the flourishing of your brand.

Three Mistakes in Content Strategy

01.15.2013This post: Three Common Mistakes in Website Content Strategy explore site content and list a few action-remedies for each content oversight.

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