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October 16, 2017 Category:

The Trifecta Brand Check-in

Business is in motion, changing faster than ever before. We are all feeling the pressure to keep pace, and get noticed. Is your brand broadcasting for success?

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August 30, 2017 Category:

Packaging: The Tactile Transmission of Your Brand

Out of all the design disciplines that designmeister offers, be it logos, web design, or print collateral, it is package design that evokes the greatest emotion within the consumer experience. Putting forward your brand into a 3-dimensional form, you have now welcomed your consumer into the tactile transmission of your brand.

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June 8, 2017 Category:

Brand: Beyond the Logo

“I need a logo.” A common opening statement when I kindly get introduced to a new client who is starting a new business or an overhaul for an old, dated logo. But what they unknowingly need is someone to assist them in developing their Brand.

This conversation is to enlighten that Brand goes beyond the logo. The term Brand is often misunderstood. By understanding the brand components, we can understand how these building blocks unify and individualize your Brand. And, strategically, why defining these brand ingredients establishes the essential foundation to mobilize your service or product with distinction. Setting you apart from “the other guy.”

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